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Miles Harding

26 February 2024

Depending on which area of your game you consider your strengths, you may either love or loath reaching for your golf wedges.

But regardless of your skill level, you’ve got to admit that a well-played chip can be one of the most satisfying kinds of golf shot to watch.

Whether it’s a high-lofted flop shot where you pop the ball up in the air for it to roll to a stop by the flag, or a well-timed chip-and-run played down onto a sloped green, chipping is an incredibly versatile aspect of the game that allows for a lot of creativity and versatility.

Golf is a hard game, and so it may be easier to cling to what’s familiar and use the same golf wedge regardless of where you are, when it may not necessarily be the best tool for the job.

So today, we’re going to recap which wedges are best used in certain situations around the green, as well as give you a fantastic recommendation in the latest Cobra Snakebite golf wedges.


Gap wedge (GW) 48° - 50°


The gap wedge provides that much-needed breathing room between your wedges where a pitching wedge will give you too much power and sail past the green, but a sand wedge will give you too much height. This ideal utility tool gives you the best of both if you find yourself 70 yards or so away from the green.


Sand wedge (SW) 54° - 56°


In many ways this is the most straightforward club to remember as the clue’s in the name. You take a sand wedge with you into a bunker because this club is designed to have the widest sole in your set of wedges. This wide sole will allow you to open up your clubface and get as much bounce as possible when your club comes into contact with the sand. It’s always satisfying making good connection and splashing your ball out of a bunker!


Lob wedge (LW) 58° - 60°


A perfect escape should you find yourself stuck behind a bunker or bush, the lob wedge gives you the most loft of any club in your bag. They’re easy to play with and allow you to pop the ball in the air over short distances for accurate greenside pitching. The trick with a lob wedge is to commit to your shot to make the connection you’re looking for; you don’t want to quit on it and end up in the bunker you were trying to overcome!


Pitching wedge (PW) 46° - 48°


The first wedge you’ll reach for when you’re the furthest away from the hole, the pitching wedge is a nifty club that gives you both a good amount of distance and loft, with the aim being to land your shot on the short grass.


Cobra's latest Snakebite golf wedges


If you’re on the lookout for new wedges and you need some gear that will suit you all year round, you can’t go wrong with Cobra’s Snakebite golf wedges.

These clubs have been strategically engineered by Cobra to give you a better chipping performance. Their groove technology includes making the groove depth deeper by 11% and the edges have been sharpened by 40%. The statistics on this club sound nice and you can certainly feel it all there when you start striking balls with one.

A lot of care has been given to make each club in the range as good as possible to suit their unique purpose. The wedges with a lower loft offer deeper grooves to deliver consistent spin, and the clubs with a higher loft have shallower grooves to accentuate spin on very open strikes.

The Snakebite wedges come in a variety of three different grinds so you’ll be able to have a go with each and determine which one feels right for you. They look great in both the chrome and black finishes too.

If you struggle with your short game and want to really improve your chipping, the Snakebite X model may be of interest to you. This wedge has a hollow cavity back design as well as a TPU insert to make chipping the ball feel incredibly spongy and smooth. The head is also a little larger than the Snakebite to give you more confidence when you’re standing over the ball.

It can feel demoralizing if you’re struggling with your short game. We want you to have fun when you’re out on the course, so if you’re looking to improve your game with a new set of golf wedges, we’d be more than happy to help you in the pro shop.

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